VFR navigation and Maps

Get rid of paper logbook and paper maps. Fly digital with FLYLOG.

VFR navigation and maps

FLYLOG navigation is loaded with

  • Worldwide VFR maps
  • Radio frequencies for Airports and Airspaces
  • Runways
  • Interactive graphical NOTAM’s
  • Airspace Use Plans (AUP)
  • Airport charts for selected countries
  • Terrain data for virtual radar

FLYLOG with VFR maps is the complete solution for VFR pilots. All tools you need for your day-to-day operations in ONE application.

In-flight navigation

Active frequencies based on your location are displayed on the screen and updated as you fly.

  • GPS altitude,
  • AGL (Above Ground Level)
  • GPS speed
  • Heading

Select your destination with long-press and ETA, and we will calculate the distance to the target.

Record your flights

Just press the record button in your FLYLOG mobile application and record your flight from takeoff to landing.

  • Route
  • Speed
  • Altitude

And we automatically record and store the flight in your account.

Virtual radar

Elevation data is available in full map overlay based on your current altitude.

Additional widget to show the terrain projection in your current vector.

Graphical NOTAM's

Interactive graphical NOTAM’s available for

  • FIR’s
  • Airspaces
  • Airports

Live traffic

Live internet traffic available in your proximity

METAR messages

Worldwide METAR wheater messages available on your map with automatic refresh.