Pilot Logbook

Digital pilot logbook to keep your flights in order.

Now with VFR navigation.

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Professional Pilot Logbook

All your flight history. You can filter your flights by date range, aircraft or people you are flying with. Your data are still up-to-date across all your devices.
No synchronization required.

FlyLog works for all type of pilots with
PPL, CPL or ATPL licence.

Available as WEB, iOS, Android application.

VFR Maps

Mobile apps loaded with VFR maps of

Albania and North Macedonia, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Faeroes, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

North America
Canada, USA

Australia, New Zealand

Namibia, South Africa

For other countries the Airports with Frequencies and Runways are available.

FlyLog with VFR maps is the complete solution for VFR pilots. All tools you need for your day-to-day operations in ONE application.

In-flight navigation

Active frequencies based on your location are displayed on screen and updated as you flying.

GPS altitude, AGL (Above Ground Level), GPS speed, Heading - all available.

Select your destination with long-press and ETA and distance to target will be calculated.

Live Log

Record your flight.

Just press green play button in your FlyLog mobile application and record your flight inside the In-Flight navigation screen.

Route, speed, altitude - all is recorded and stored in your account. It coudn't be easier.

EASA, FAA, TCCA compliant

One click export of your logbook in EASA, FAA or TCCA approved format.

Clear, readable pilot logbook. No more worry about your paper logbook damage.

Digital Signatures

With digital signatures, endorsements are easy task.

You can also set own signature in your profile and generate printed exports for authorities without need to sign every page by hand.

You (or your instructor) can sign the flight records in Mobile or WEB application.

Advanced Filters

Filter flights as YOU need.

Want all flights with A320 to Barcelona as PIC with Habart colleague as Copilot for last 5 years?

Just click at attributes in the Flights section and we do the rest. It can't be easier.

Licences tracking

You can track your pilot licences and qualifications. FlyLog notify you about upcoming expiration in right time.

Flight Crew Licence, Medical, Type Ratings, ... all available.


The power of data sharing

What if sharing your logbook data could unlock new opportunities? Go PREMIUM to create your Online CV and share your hours and flights with your current employer or dazzle the new one. Flying for fun? Let your friends know where to.

Together, it's more fun!

Night time calculation

FlyLog automatically calculate the Night time for you. Just enter Dep/Dest and we do the rest.

Aircraft & Airports database

Access large database of airports and airplanes, quick links to weather forecast and many others.

Import previous flights

We can import your data from other digital pilot logbooks or from your Excel sheet. Just send us your CSV export or backup file to the support@flylog.io.

Sync with club/company data

If your company is using FlyLog Aircraft Logbook you can easily copy the flight records to your pilot logbook. With just one click.


With FlyLog you see detailed graph reports about your total flight hours, hours by aircraft type, engine type, aircraft registration, or crew members.

Pilot Logbook template

Template for pilot logbook main page.

Happy FlyLog users

Simply the best virtual
logbook out there.
Peter - SWE
Great app. The developers
stay on top of updates, and are adding new features all the time.
John - USA
Awesome electronic logbook.
Available on all of my
David - CZE


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