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How to Start?
Import Your Flight Experience
From Paper Logbook
Start by setting cumulative start values if you've used a paper logbook, then add only new flights.
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Import for Airline Pilots
Upload the file from scheduling system (AIMS, NETLINE, LEON, and others), or custom file provided by your airline.
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Migrate from Another Logbook
Import your flight data from 17 supported logbook apps, such as ForeFlight, LogTen Pro, or MCC PilotLog.
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Custom Import with Template
Download our template, insert your records and upload to FLYLOG.
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Worldwide Compliance
Export in Regulatory Compliant Format
verified_user FAA Compliant

Federal Aviation Administration - FAA pilot logbook export in one page and book format.

  • Jeppesen format
  • ASA Standard format
  • ASA Navy format

verified_user EASA Compliant

European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA export in approved format.

  • EASA FCL.050 (current regulation)
  • EASA FCL.1080 (older format)
  • CAA (UK CAP 407)
  • DGAC (France)
  • AESA (Spain)
  • ANAC (Portugal)
  • Jeppesen

verified_user TCA Compliant

Transport Canada - TCA compliant export.

verified_user CASA Compliant

Australian Civilian Aviation Safety Authority - CASA Compliant pilot logbook.

CASR-61.345 compliant export

Digital Pilot Logbook for the 21st Century
Automated and Error Free
verified For All Pilots

From private to commercial pilots, fixed-wing to helicopters – FLYLOG.io is the logbook solution for everyone with a pilot license.

  • PPL - Private Pilot Licence
  • CPL - Commercial Pilot Licence
  • ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • LAPL - Light Aircraft Pilot Licence
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partly_cloudy_night Night-time Calculation

We calculate the night-time for your flights. Just enter the time of departure and arrival and our algorithm handle the rest. Calculation is based on the official definition of night-time in aviation.

warning Error Detection

Automatic error detection is a feature that helps you to keep your logbook clean and correct. Our system will automatically detect and highlight any errors in your logbook entries.

upload Data Imports

Import for your logbook data is a feature that helps you to keep your logbook up to date. Our system is able to import your logbook data from your airline, flight school, or other sources.

database Aircraft Database

Access an extensive database of aircraft for your pilot log. Type your aircraft registration, and FLYLOG suggests the manufacturer, ICAO type, aircraft model and image.

signature Digital Signatures

Get your flight record signed by your instructor right on your phone or tablet. Digital signatures are accepted by EASA and FAA, ensuring your logbook is ready for license applications, ratings, or revalidations.

Set your signature in your profile for hassle-free exports, eliminating the need to sign each page manually.

settings Personalized

With smart settings, you can personalize your logbook by selecting your preferred style, currency or duration format with a single click.

filter_list Advanced Filters

Find the information you need, when you need it.

Our filtering allow you to narrow down your results by a variety of criteria, including:

  • Date range
  • Flight role
  • Aircraft type and model
  • Engine type
  • Airport
  • Contact
  • Approach type
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)
  • VFR (Visual Flight Rules)
  • Night flights
  • Simlator Sessions

You can combine multiple filters, so you can get an even more specific view and totals of your flights.

new_label Custom Fields

Custom fields let you tailor your flight log with specific details like aircraft type, weather conditions, and flight purpose. Organize your flights into custom categories (night flights, cargo flights, etc.) for greater insight and usability.

badge Track Licences

You can track your pilot licenses and qualifications. FLYLOG will notify you about the upcoming expiration at the right time.

  • Flight Crew Licence
  • Skill Rating
  • Class Rating
  • Type Rating
  • Medical
  • Language
  • Radiotelephony
  • Insurance
  • Others
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person Online CV

Stay discoverable for your friends, colleagues, employer, or your flying club.

With FLYLOG.io, you get an always up-to-date Online CV to share with your current employer or to get a job offer from a new one.

bar_chart Detailed Statistics

We love numbers and charts. With FLYLOG, you can see detailed visual reports of your

  • Visited airports
  • Total flight hours
  • Hours by months
  • Aircraft type and model
  • Engine type
  • Function time
  • Crew members

screen_record Track Your Flights

Unlock the full potential of flight tracking. Our app offers multiple ways to capture and visualize your flight paths:

  • In-app recording: One tap from takeoff to landing.
  • Upload flight data: Works with your GPS or flight computer.
  • ADS-B integration: Download flight tracks instantly.

map VFR Navigation

FLYLOG VFR navigation is easy to use solution for majority of pilots.

  • VFR moving map
  • Airspace and airport frequencies
  • Runways
  • Interactive graphical NOTAMs
  • METARs
  • Airspace Use Plans (AUP)
  • Airport charts for selected countries
  • Terrain data for virtual radar
  • AGL (Above Ground Level) altitude
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domain Synchronize with Business Account

Thanks to integration with Business Account for Aviation Companies you can easily copy your flight records to your pilot logbook with just one click.

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