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Flight school system
Access From Anywhere, Anytime offers mobile, desktop, and web app so you can manage your data from anywhere even when you're offline. Automatic syncing keeps everything up-to-date.
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Business Account

Before flight

  • Reservation system for your students, instructors, and clients
  • Real-time notifications for your crew about the schedule and aircraft condition

In the air

  • VFR navigation with frequencies, airspaces, and airports
  • Flight tracking (real-time position of your fleet on the map)
  • Flight recording (route, speed, altitude)

After flight

  • Aircraft journey logbook - Enter the flight record with a smartphone right after landing
  • Technical logbook - Mark all incidents and observations
  • Pilot Logbook - Automatic synchronization with the pilot logbook


  • Fees - Configure fees for Rental, Landing, Instructor and Fuel
  • Invoices - Generate invoices for your clients
  • Crew - Calculate paychecks for your crew
  • Airports - Check landing fees anytime

Aircraft Tracking

Real-time tracker
Monitor your fleet in real-time on the aerial map with airspaces and surrounding air traffic.

Automated flight logging
Automatically populate your flight logs with single click.

No extra devices needed
No need to install any additional hardware or software.

Contact Database

Organise all your contacts in our efficient database. Quickly manage company contacts, upload documents, monitor licences, set up customer discounts and track transactions. You can also manage your instructors and crew for payroll.

Student Training Syllabus

This student-instructor dashboard simplifies flight training with a progress-tracking syllabus. Students and instructors can monitor achievements, streamline learning and plan the next steps in their training journey. All in compliance with official EASA requirements.

Manage Reservations

Say goodbye to endless calls. Allow your clients, crew, and students to make aircraft reservations. You will be immediately notified of any new reservation requests via email and on the main dashboard. When the booking is confirmed, customers will receive a confirmation email with the option to save the event to their calendar.

Calendar Sync: Available for all major calendar apps, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

Fees Administration

Set up your rental fees, landing fees, instructor fees or fuel surcharges in advance. This allows you to calculate a price for your flights automatically and fees will be included in the customer invoice.

Generate Invoices

Just set the price per hour for your aircraft. FLYLOG automatically sums all flights in a specified date range and creates an invoice for your clients and students with one click.

FLYLOG also supports discounts, so you can set custom discounts for your clients individually.

Company Dashboard

  • Summary for all aircraft in your fleet
  • Reservation requests
  • Airports overview
  • Clients breakdown
  • Crew breakdown
  • Passengers report

Aircraft Journey Log

Digital aircraft logbook is an official and legal way by EASA MLR.110 and FAA AC 120-78A. All your pilots with a copy of the aircraft journey log in the smartphone.

Following export formats are available:

  • ICAO Annex 6(Part I) Journey Log
  • EASA MLR.110 Journey log
  • Legacy Journey/Technical Log

Maintenance Tracking

Be notified about upcoming maintenance at the right time.

Fleet Overview

Have a detailed overview of all your aircraft.

  • Calendar
  • Safety issues
  • Licenses
  • Fuel&Oil
  • Maintenance records
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Reports
  • Exports

For Mobile & Desktop

For your Students, Crew and Clients:

  • Create and manage reservations
  • Check the flight schedule
  • See your flight history

For your Crew:

  • Enter the flights into the aircraft logbook
  • Check the Aircraft condition (maintenance, issues)
  • Check past flights

All your contacts:

  • Shared company contact list - clients can connect with the crew and vice versa

Pilot Logbook with VFR

All your crew members and students get a pilot logbook with automatic synchronization with your company data.

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