Introducing new premium plan for pilots

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Stanislav Minar

Today we're introducing a paid subscription plan for pilots. Let me explain the reasons behind this decision and what this means for you.

I started FlyLog about 5 years ago alone, working from home. Since then a lot of things have changed, FlyLog has become quite popular and other people have joined to help with making FlyLog the great product it deserves to be.

FlyLog has always been driven by the needs of its users, but with the growing user base it has become difficult to hear every single voice. A lot of you are asking for support and new features, and frankly this is not sustainable in the long-term without your help.

You can help us by upgrading to the new premium plan, which at 9 EUR per month should cover the costs needed to support and enhance our web and mobile applications for Android and iOS. While there is no difference between the free and premium account at the moment, going forward we might make some of the features accessible only to premium pilot users.

You might ask why a monthly subscription instead of a one-time payment? Running application like FlyLog has recurring costs, and we need to pay for servers, developers and support staff. What you get in return is an application that is continuously improving and adapting to your needs and the world around you.

Also let me highlight one point here: if you stop paying, you won’t lose your data or your account. You will still be able to login, see and download your data and reactivate your paid subscription at any point in the future.

There's one more thing you can do to support us. If you fly for a company or if you're a member of an aeroclub, make sure to check out Aircraft Logbook, the plan that targets general aviation companies like aeroclubs and flying schools.

There’s a great and vibrant community around FlyLog and I hope that with your help we’ll be able to fulfill our vision of making flying easier with less paperwork for everyone.

New Design

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Roman Masek

We have refreshed the web application to match current design guidelines and best practices in UX. Also have done lot of work in better separation of Pilot Logbook vs Aircraft Logbook for users using both applications. FlyLog also support the retina screens better now.
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- cleaner overview
- better flight form
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