Aircraft Logbook

For aircraft operators



Shared data

All flights available to all your colleagues or friends. Sortable by date, aircraft, clients, crew or passengers. Data are still up-to-date across all your organization and devices. No synchronization required.

Aircraft logbook

Digital logbook for all airplanes in your fleet. Dashboards, total hours, landings, maintenance history, inspection reminders, issues overview, daily overview. All in one system.

Billing reports

Detailed view of flight hours by your members and clients. Summary view, counted by aircraft and date range. All presented in single page view to get the billing information.

Secure storage

All your data are stored in ISO 27001 secure cloud in Google datacentre and accessed by SSL encrypted connections only.

Safety management

All issues tracked under unique internal number. Technical occurrence, ATM/ANS & NF occurrence and Operational and Training related forms available.

Maintenance log

Log your CAMO service maintenance and have better overview about costs of ownership.

Licences tracking

You can track your aircraft licences. notify you about upcoming expiration in right time.

Aircraft inspections

You can easily set the reminders for service inspections. FlyLog will notify you about the upcoming service check.

Detailed reports

With FlyLog you see detailed visual reports about flight hours in your organization.

Calendar view

All your flights are also presented in calendar view with ability to sync your data with Google Calendar or any iCal supporting software like MS Outlook, Mac Calendar and others.

Crew overview

Select date range and FlyLog shows you flight hours for every crew member and helps you generate data for wages calculation and billing.

Custom login page

You can customize the login page with own logo and contact information for your organization members.

Aircraft & Airports database

Access large database of airports and planes, quick links to weather forecast and many others.

Pilot Logbook Sync

All flights entered in Aircraft logbook with your name will be automatically available in your Pilot Logbook.