How the membership works?
Whether you purchase your membership directly on the web or in-app via Apple Store/Google Play, your membership gives you full access to both a web application and a mobile application. All you need to do is log in with the same credentials.

Why is the in-app subscription price higher than in the web application?
Well, it’s simple. Both Apple and Google charge a 30% fee for each payment. For this reason, we are forced to increase the in-app subscription price accordingly. That’s why we recommend subscribing directly via the web application. Don’t worry - features will be available on all your devices.

Do you bill in local currencies?
Currently, we only offer billing in EUR and USD. If you want to pay in a local currency, the conversion will happen automatically during checkout.

How can I check my payments and download the invoice?
To review your transactions, navigate to your user profile and select “Transactions”. Here you can view all your payments and download invoices if required. If your subscription is through the Apple App Store or Google Play, you can view transactions there.

Control your payments and download invoice
Control your payments and download invoice

How the trial works? Do I have to enter a credit card?
We don’t ask for a credit card to try FLYLOG.io, so we can’t charge you until you decide to become a customer. For the pilot plan it’s possible to enter up to 20 records. Once you reach the maximum number of “trial records”, you can only continue with an active subscription.

Can I pay annualy? And which payment methods?
Yes, you can choose between annual and monthly billing. We require a credit or debit card for payment - no cheques, no cryptocurrency.

Do you offer a discount?
If there is a discount, it means the product is overpriced. We believe that our application provides value for your money, and it will also be unfair to other customers if we make an exception.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I lose my data if I cancel subscription?
If you’re a paying customer at the time of cancellation, we will keep your data free of charge for a year before we delete them. That means you can return to your account as you left it anytime in 12 months.

Why is no FREE version available?
A ‘FREE’ application is a misconception and a lie. Either you pay with your privacy and personal data, making yourself a more lucrative target for advertisers, or someone else is paying the bill, which can be expensive or unfair. Additionally, advertising is not a viable option for FLYLOG, as it serves a specialized audience of pilots, a relatively small demographic.

Moreover, a ‘FREE’ model without a sound business plan is inherently unsustainable, compromising the quality of the service and the long-term value it offers. Consider that a BASIC membership is comparable to the cost of just one minute of flight time in a Cessna 172, demonstrating the value FLYLOG provides to its users.

What if I have more questions?
Send us an email at support@flylog.io, and we’ll help you out.