FLYLOG changes the rules

FLYLOG changes the rules
June 20, 2020

Dear FLYLOG fellows,

We have always done our best to keep you informed about all the changes in our app. The following one might be one of the most important in the last five years that FlyLog exists.

It’s mid 2020, and we need to talk about what it means a “free application”.

“FREE” application doesn’t really exist - you pay by giving up your privacy and valuable personal data, or someone else is paying for you. That’s expensive, or not fair.

Since we don’t sell your data or spam you with ads, we decided to turn FlyLog into a paid application only. From July 1st we will newly charge you €2.99/month for a basic account, the price for a premium account remains the same 7€/month. That’s reasonable and fair.

You may be wondering why the basic account has been free so far. In fact, it wasn’t. It was our investment. We devoted our time and money to the development of the application. We know there are “free” alternatives. But free without a sustainable business model is risky and can’t provide long-term value and good service.

We stand behind our application which offers a simple and functional solution to keep your flights in order and some extras for premium users. You can check here what you get for your money.

If you decide not to stay with us, we allow you to download your existing data. Your account will remain active for 12 months. You won’t just be able to log new flights anymore.

We believe that this is a sustainable business model that everyone can benefit from in the end.

Thank you for your support. FLYLOG team