Price update

Price update
June 10, 2022

Dear FLYLOG customers,

We always keep you informed about all the changes in our app.

It’s mid-2022, and we need to update our prices according to the current financial situation. We are always trying to keep the prices at the lowest possible level, but we all should keep in mind that the pilot community is relatively small and shrinking in the last few years. This means we are working with a minimal budget and can no longer sustain the current prices.

Also, inflation is rising and hitting new record levels, and we should adapt our prices to the unique situation after keeping the price unchanged for more than two years.

The new price for the BASIC membership is €4.99 and for the PREMIUM membership €8.99.

€3.99/month for BASIC and €7.99/month for PREMIUM when using annualy billing.

We appreciate your support.