Some good news in difficult times

Some good news in difficult times
April 15, 2020

The current situation in the world has grounded most of the pilots for the immediate future. For those who have chosen aviation as a hobby for life, this could mean a stop to explore new airports behind the borders. Professional pilots may even have temporarily lost their jobs. No matter what category you belong to, it has an impact on everyone.

However, staying at home doesn’t mean to stay on the ground, because when aviation reboots, all pilots will need to be up to speed. Besides many other activities, you can use your spare time as an opportunity to put your flights in order.

To support you during this difficult time, we have decided to offer the Premium membership for €7/month. This applies to existing and new members. What we offer to our premium members can be found here

We strongly believe in open and transparent communication, therefore we want to declare other membership-related changes. If you are using the free version of the app, you have been restricted by some features, but you still have access to the core functions of the digital pilot logbook. We don’t sell your data or spam you with ads so our only way to raise finance for further development is from our paying members, in exchange we give them something extra. Therefore any additional features should be exclusively accessible to premium members only. We believe that this is a common and transparent model that everyone understands.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!